VLSM CIDR IPV4 Subnet Calculator

VLSM stands for Variable Length Subnet Masking. With VLSM it is easy to subnet a network. CIDR stands for Classless Inter-Domain Routing. CIDR has replaced the classful network design. VLSM / CIDR is a method of allocating IP addresses and routing Internet Protocol packets. For a network with multiple unassigned IP's, VLSM helps in assigning the IP address space on the network more efficiently.

IPV4 - Internet Protocol Version 4. IPV4 subnets are used to expand the efficiency and capacity of the assigned IP address. This VLSM CIDR calculator helps you in calculating the various subnet masks for the same IP address.

The IPV4 calculations are divided into 3 classes, Class A, B and C respectively. IPV4 accepts IP address in dot-decimal notation. The IPv4 address space is a 32 bit field.

IP addresses ranging from to falls on Class A IP addresses ranging from to falls on Class B IP addresses above falls on Class C